We want to reflect your Value

We believe that a church's architecture should represent the values of its congregation, and be unique to the pulse of that collection of God's people.  It should be used to build the Kingdom of God in the unique way this church was meant to.  For this reason we do not have a church 'style'.  Our styles have ranged from craftsman chapels, to modern urban storefronts, to contemporary desert mega-churches.


A growing Church finds a new home


Crosspointe was a young, growing, and vibrant church, occupying an old 60's A-frame church.  They turned to Ethos Architecture to develop a new image for their church as they expand.  

By modifying an existing 40,000 square foot warehouse building, Crosspointe was able to get the space they needed for their growing congregation for the budget they could afford.  In utilizing many restored existing elements, rather than completely new finishes, they were able to achieve a funky vibe at a reduced cost. Their expansive lobby, and roll up door to create an indoor-outdoor space with the exterior patio, creates a welcoming environment to the newcomer, and a cozy environment to linger with friends between services. At the same time, a two-story indoor play structure, and full wall Noah's Ark murals keeps the kids occupied.


Light Drum.jpg
Playground Modified.jpg
Dock 14.jpg
Noah's Ark Mural .jpg

Creating a sense of space


Crosspointe is a young, growing, and vibrant church, occupying an old 60's A-frame church.  They turned to Ethos Architecture to devolop a new image for their church as they expand.  

Before we found the perfect space for Crosspointe Church, we imagined a complete re-design of their existing site, including a contemporary new look to reflect the style of the young congregation.  An emphasis on the outdoor courtyard utilizes Southern California's ideal weather, and roll up glass doors to the lobby will create a free flow between the inside and outside. The courtyard follows the site's natural contours, and creates many small pocket spaces for groups to get together, without the "red square" feeling that many churches have with very open courtyards.  Multiple levels of visual interaction will connect these small groups, and create a very dynamic courtyard experience.



Perspective 7.jpg
Perspective 2.jpg
CB West Elev.jpg
Worship Building - Lobby 4.jpg
WB North Elev.jpg
Worship Building - Worship 2.jpg

A Contemporary Take on a Traditional Building


This project was originally conceived as a traditional worship venue for Mariner's Church, which could also become an asset to the community as a beautiful Wedding Chapel.  This traditional craftsman style chapel brings all the elegance of stone and heavy timber architecture to this otherwise modern campus.  The large interior wood trusses, and stark contrast of natural lighting create the optimal environment for contemplation, worship, and prayer.  The reflecting lake and working bell tower complete the beautiful image of this picturesque landscape.

*Scott Holcomb worked on this project as a designer while at Visioneering Studios.  Mars Hill Studio was the architect of record. Photography by Ethos Architecture.




Church on a Different Scale


Christ's Church of the Valley is an enormous church in the prosperous area of Peoria, Arizona.  Their 10,000 member congregation is lead by the dynamic pastor Don Wilson.  Our project was to create a new Children's Ministry Building, and an Alternate Worship Venue which would also serve as the church's Youth Building. Each of these projects could easily dwarf most entire churches in America, in both their size and complexity.

*Scott Holcomb worked on this church as a designer while at Visioneering Studios. Todd & Associates is the architect of record.  Photography by Ethos Architecture.