Reflecting Your Values

Nothing says more about who you are than your home. It is our mission to make your home echo those values.


A Modern Place to Gather


The owners of this home wanted to focus on the living space with large windows overlooking their lake view, and have that space reflect their contemporary style. This home is bold in its expression of structure and style.



Scene 30.jpg
Scene 20.jpg
Scene 16.jpg
Scene 10.jpg
South Elev.jpg

Expansion with Style


This project was a significant remodel/addition, which added new gathering spaces to the house, as well as developing the bland stucco exterior into a beautiful craftsman style upgrade. Nantucket dormers, a new game room, and a deck overlooking the creek view greatly enhanced this home.



2019-02-05 Creekview Perpsective 2.jpg
2019-02-05 Creekview Perpsective 2.jpg
2019-02-05 Creekview Perpsective 3.jpg

Respite in the City


This house was an almost complete remodel of an old 40’s house. The owners wanted to do necessary structural upgrades, bring in some modern comforts for a growing family, and express their distinctly modern style.



Walgrove Plan 2 770x480.jpg
Walgrove Section 1 770x480.jpg
Walgrove Plan 1 770x480.jpg
Walgrove Perspective 1 770x480.jpg

Rustic Flavor in Old Town


The owners of this home wanted to bring out a classic Spanish style for their old town home, featuring traditional Spanish details, as well as a large great room a trellis overlooking their expansive back yard.

Front Elev.jpg
Walgrove Section 1 770x480.jpg
Perspective 1.jpg
Perspective 2.jpg
Back Elev.jpg